Андрей Лазар (a_lazar) wrote,
Андрей Лазар

Из переписки с другом из немецкой провинции.

Все уже на тему "Газы!" отписались, а этот "отъезд на наезд" только сегодня был написан и отправлен. Ну, так он не совсем и про газ.

> These days, our media (= TV, newspapers, radio) are
full of the gas dispute between the Ukraine and Russia.
It is really ugly what the President is doing to your
- My country is USSR/Russian Empire. Ukraine is a part of it, temporary torn away by traitors like Gorbachev and Eltsin. With help of west «friends» (=enemies). This was really ugly.

> Nobody here believes Gazprom when they say that
the Ukraine must pay market prices for the gas (some $ 230
per cubic m as against 50 so far !).
- it’s a problem of «nobodies», let them study market price formation in monopoly condition:). What is price of gas is Germany? Why price for Ukraine has to be 5 times less?

> This is only a Kremlin pretext, because Gazprom belongs to the
Kremlin, and the real reason is that the President is punishing your country
for the "orange revolution" of 2003.
- not only, but this is also partly true: there are no reasons to give resources to loyal Lukashenko and to rusofobic and NATO-philic US-chenko.

> If the President is willing to use gas as a political weapon, then
Russia is no longer a reliable supplier.
- Any serious resources are political weapons.
But maybe you prefer real weapons? As f*cking US murders with help of stupid Europeans used in Serbia-1999 (to help terrorists they thanked for this in London last year) and in Iraq-1991?
West countries couldn’t be considered as reliable at all. They are rapacious and treacherous.
Yes, this time, in new US genocide in Iraq, Germany and France show a sign of reason. This I noticed.

> Maybe next time Russia will turn off the oil to Western Europe when
there is some other dispute ?...
- who knows what will do US or GB (or Germany) next time?
They don’t turn off the oil, they can bomb European countries.

> The lesson is: it is not good to be over-dependent on Russia.
- the lesson is: it is not good to be over-dependent on anybody, it is good to be a Power by oneself. For Ukraine is to be possessing equal rights part of Great Russian Empire. Alternative is to be a lackey of USA. As traitor US-chenko tries.

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